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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Random Commentary for 8 June 2010

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  1. Re: Verdict: Manmade Global Warming Theories Don’t Stand Up

    When the eco-fascists behind the IPCC start pushing nuclear power as in a substantial manner, then we should take them as sincere in their intentions. After all, uranium-235 doesn’t emit any CO2, and has about a million times the energy per unit of mass than hydrocarbon compounds.

    See Nuclear No-Contest by James P. Hogan for more.

    Then again, the eco-fascists behind the IPCC are also quite often the same people who support victim disarmament “gun control,” the ever-expanding welfare state, RomneyCare / ObamaCare, film subsidies . . . the list seems to go on forever.

    Nuclear power is basically the closest thing to a sure thing that we’ll find on the Earth’s surface, yet if anyone can find a way to screw it up, it will be the IPCC gun banning welfare pushers — the only thing they ever seem to get right is mass death and destruction.

  2. Recommended Reading — For Paul Family, Libertarian Ethos Began at Home [New York Times]

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