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Friday, 28 May 2010

Random Commentary for 27 May 2010

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  1. Re: Jerry Ortiz Y Pino’s TV Pitch

    I didn’t expect anything else from him.

    The good news is that the Pizza Hut commercial got over 11,000 hits over his 239.

    But I guess that’s “the super-rich squashing his message.”

    His “forty-year career in social work” and his family’s “seven generations of service to New Mexico,” combine that with the Lujans (House Speaker Ben and his Congressman son), the Kings (Bruce, Gary, etc.), the Marty Chavez—Manny Aragon—????? network — it seems more and more like New Mexico’s feudal barons are getting pissed at us uppity peasants questioning their rightful authority over us.

  2. Re: Rail Runner Running Out of (our) Money

    This elephante blanco has been running on empty since it started back in July, 2006 — has it ever brought in more from fares and advertising than it spends?

  3. Re: They’re after my blog and my ketchup

    The R’s tried to repeal it in 2000.

    What’s this “tried” ? They had the majority in both the House and Senate. The repeal should have passed.

    For that matter, why wasn’t it vetoed by Bush the Elder?

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