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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Skipping on Horowitz

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I’ve been getting repeated emails from the Albuquerque Tea Party reminding me about the upcoming speech, dinner and book-signing by anti-libertarian neo-con David Horowitz:

Click the picture for the full-size version

Some examples of his potshots at Ron Paul in particular and libertarians generally in the past few years —

David Horowitz: “Ron Paul…is a Disgrace”

David Horowitz and a Guided Tour of the “Ron Paul Revolutionary” Mind

Check out this video clip from the Glenn Beck Show from 2007 —

The gems from that video clip —

“. . . strain of isolation and anarchy in the American tradition which Ron Paul is tapping into

Washington and Jefferson weren’t isolationists, they were non-interventionists, and there IS a difference, despite comments to the contrary from the neo-cons:

Friendship and commerce with all, entangling alliances with none.

Here’s the part that really sets me off — I see NO evidence from Horowitz that he’s changed from this tune in the past three years:

“. . . plenty of unfortunately libertarian websites indistinguishable from the anti-American left — and others like that . . . totally in bed with the Islamofascists and turned against this country”

In addition, Horowitz seems to me to be the neo-con version of Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

What Dees (allegedly) does is pick out some Aryan Airhead, then portray that idiot as being ready to take over Washington DC — “but YOU can stop this with your donation! And buy my book, too!” Dees also has a habit of smearing anyone in the militia movement, tax honesty movement, etc., etc., who’s ever come into contact with the Airhead. It doesn’t seem to matter that said Aryan was kicked out of the militia meeting immediately after showing his “SS” runes tattoo to the membership. It also doesn’t matter that the Aryan has no actual hope of gaining any sort of political power over anyone than other Aryan Airheads in their little (infiltrated with federal agents through and through) group.

Horowitz appears to do the same sort of thing where the Islamists are concerned — portray them as just a few steps away from carrying out their dreams of making sharia (Islamic religious law) the core of the American legal system — “but YOU can stop this with your donation! And buy my book, too!” Never mind that, like the Aryan Airheads, the sharia pushers have little to no chance of gaining any sort of actual power in America.

As with the Aryan Airheads, the best answer to the Islamists is to respond with better speech. I prefer to tell them that there’s nothing stopping them as individuals from setting the example for the rest of us, and adhering to the tenets of sharia personally. If they want to make it into American law, there’s an amendment process all spelled out for them in the Constitution. Until they get 2/3 of the House, 2/3 of the Senate and 3/4 of the State legislatures, it’s a no-go[1]. If they choose the Hamas / al-Qaeda route (suicide bombers, etc.), I look forward to taking corrective action via the Second Amendment.

So what is Horowitz’s answer to the prospect of Islamic terrorism here in America? Does he invoke the right of private citizens to own and carry weapons? Nope — for him, it’s a reason to expand the reach of Imperial Washington DC, with police-state agencies (DHS, for example) on the domestic side and long-term occupations of other countries for the foreign-policy side.

So Horowitz might have left Marxism back in the 1970’s, but I suspect that Marxism never truly left him.

So I’m going to skip seeing Horowitz when he shows up here in Albuquerque tonight — why pay Ø60 to hear this sort of thing when I can get it for free over the net?[2]


  1. Not that this seems to be stopping the Congress lately on anything else.
  2. My attending this event would be a double-hit on me financially — not only would I be out the Ø60, but I’d have to take a day off to attend, and thus come up short on next week’s paycheck.

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