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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Random Comments for 17 May 2010

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  1. Re: Tie Assessed Property Values to Market Values

    “Starve the beast” methodology only seems to work when the agency on behalf of which the tax is levied can’t borrow cash, to be repaid from future taxes, i.e. Treasury bills, municipal bonds, etc.

    What local, state and federal government need is some sort of balanced-budget rule that —

    • Explicitly disallows borrowing to make up for shortfalls
    • Does NOT exempt “emergencies” from its scope. Let the “emergency” measure be funded by taking from the hug-a-thug arts-and-crafts programs and no-work-expected handout agencies.

    The “total required revenue” needs to take a nosedive – the sooner the better. If it’s done by the “legitimate authorities,” that nosedive can be somewhat controlled.

    If the nosedive is uncontrolled, that’s OK, too – let ’em burn down their own homes with riots.

    But that nosedive WILL happen, regardless – either in the controlled manner I’ve called for above, done by the “legitimate authorities,” or in the UNcontrolled manner, where the productive class gets fed up and either heads for greener pastures or rises in open revolt, followed by the parasitic tax-feeders burning down their own homes.

    Granted, most of the homes burned down will be owned in some capacity by the Productive Class, but that’s what insurance policies are for, right? At least maybe the Producers will have the good sense to learn from the experience.

  2. Re: How Government Programs Expand Beyond Intent

    One of the guys in my classes worked at Eclipse for a while. He told me that most of the employees there would show up, do an hour’s worth of work and then goof off for the rest their shifts. This went on for about a year while he worked there.

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