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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Random Shots for Friday, 16 April 2010

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  1. New Mexico Liberty: Re: “Government Spending Slavery Day” is Coming June 19th!

    Good response — I remember Kayne from when she was one of the editorial staff at the now-defunct Crosswinds Weekly. She was like Eric Griego — good for entertainment value, but not for serious content.

    I got the biggest laugh out the response by “Jason M” —

    As a fiscal conservative and a Tea Party activist, I can only encourage you to write more columns for this and other sites.


  2. Posted to Facebook –

    Commenting on a status posting by Adam Kokesh

    I wonder if Bailey, Bancroft, Van Zorge, Bradley, et al., will jump on Stein’s case like they did on yours, calling him a “LYING TRATIOR,” among other things — after all, he’s criticizing the incumbent commander-in-chief, just like you did during the tenure of HRH George XLIII.

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