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Friday, 16 April 2010

Albuquerque Tea Party, 15 April 2010

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I arrived at the Albuquerque Tea Party‘s location at 3:55 PM after parking one of the side streets (Dakota and Phoenix NE), as I suspected that traffic on Menaul would be horrendous. Coming up on the intersection of Menaul and San Pedro, I noticed that Channel 13 KRQE was already on the scene.

Ch.13 KQRE-TV news vehicle at Menaul and San Pedro NE

I then spent the next hour walking along Menaul from San Pedro to Wyoming, taking notes and pictures along the way. During that hour, I saw lots of good people expressing their concerns about the American political situation, and signed two petitions — one to shut down the Rail Runner, and another requesting that Attorney General Gary King file a lawsuit blocking the implementation of HR 3200 AKA “ObamaCare.”

Some observations from the event —

  1. The Tea Partiers were staying on the sidewalk and “off the grass” (complying with private property rules) — nobody was blocking traffic.
  2. Some of the vehicles in passing traffic were decked out with American flags, Gadsden “DON’T TREAD ON ME” flags, and various signage.


  3. There were LOTS of American flags present, as well as a respectable showing of Gadsden and Culpepper flags.
  4. There didn’t seem to be much of a presence from law enforcement — I only saw two bicycle cops on the north side of Menaul, by Washington Ave.
  5. I only saw ONE (1) Ron Paul sign, held by a Tea Partier in front of Shoney’s at Menaul and Louisiana NE.

  6. I didn’t see ANY signs about abortion, same-sex / LGBTQ issues, either pro or con.
  7. I only saw two (2) signs protesting illegal immigration, and NONE protesting immigration per se.
  8. I saw a few signs written in Spanish — so much for the oppressives’ smear attempt that the Tea Parties are a whites-only movement. Ditto for the smear that it’s a Christian-only thing &#151 ATP organizer Elisheva Levin is Jewish, as is Bob Finch, who was running the live fieldcast for KIVA 1550 AM[1].
  9. I didn’t see many candidate signs — one for Susanna Martinez and one for Doug Turner, both of whom are running for governor.

  10. I didn’t see many counterprotestors from the Obamanoid oppressive / regressive camp. That doesn’t mean they weren’t present:
    1. Re: [LPNM-discuss] Santa Fe Tea Party

      There were some disrupters walking the circuit, but I’d estimate their total numbers at less than 20. I couldn’t get them to stop and discuss, they seemed more shell shocked than rational.

    2. At around 4:00 PM, I noticed a dark blue minivan parked facing north on the east side of Florida, just north of Menaul, with lettering decals on the back window advertising for the Jerry Ortiz y Pino for Lieutenant Governor —

I received a Day-Glo purple sticker from one of the ATP staff at 4:47 PM, as I was making my way westbound on Menaul — that was ATP’s method for keeping a rough headcount of the attendees.

Some other pictures:

Anyway, I left the area and headed up to the Chama River Brewing Co., adjacent to Pappadeux’s right off of I-25 for Liberty on the Rocks, sponsored by the Rio Grande Foundation. RGF President Paul Gessing had been at the ATP rally on Menaul, as well, as I saw the Day-Glo purple dot on his T-shirt.


  1. As is my favorite candidate this year, Adam Kokesh, who attended the Moriarty and Santa Fe Tea Party events — Adam professes to be Jewish. How faithful is he? That’s for him to decide. Still it is rather funny that there at least two (anti-Semitic) Stormfronters who seem to like him.
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