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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Random Comments for 6 April 2010

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  1. Commenting on MyYearbook:

    What was the first CD you ever bought?
    ~ 11:30 AM MST hours ago by Anonymous

    The absolute first? I have no idea, but it was probably something by Metallica, Iron Maiden or W.A.S.P.

  2. Re: Big Government Stifles Entrepreneurs — A Rethink

    Anything that two or more people can mutually agree to, providing that they’re not initiating force or fraud against anyone else.

  3. New Mexico Liberty, April 2010 is now online.
  4. Re: Another Racist Tea Party, Scroll Down for Photographic Evidence from St. Louis

    If Morris Dees really cares about racially-based violence as much as he professes, why isn’t he suing the SEIU on behalf of Kenneth Gladney?

  5. Re: Congressional Candidate Barela Shows Solid Grasp of Health Care Situtation

    The third-party system goes all the way back to FDR — employment-related “benefit” plans offered in lieu of cash, as those plans aren’t taxed as a bigger pile of FRNs would be.

    If these plans are truly a “benefit,” then why does the employee have to pay for it?

    Still, Barela is light-years ahead of Heinrich on this issue.

  6. Commenting on MyYearbook:

    Nothing wrong with a free dating site per se — better than the pay-for-use dating sites. What kind of funny stories do you want? What’s off-limits here?

  7. Re: Back to the Basics to Fix Education?

    These are nice ideas, but our schools are not designed to effectively educate children. They’re socialistic in nature and seem to exist for the benefit of the teachers’ unions and bureaucrats.

    They teach the kids how to lie, cheat, steal, sneak around, assault and batter people, and commit other crimes. While the kids are learning those life skills, they might learn other things, like reading, writing, mathematics, and science.

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