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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Random Comments for 24 March 2010

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  1. Re: Deathwind: New life for an old concept

    First, the site is a few years old, at least, making it rather dated. There’s no evidence to show that the “Deathwind” ever made it past the prototype development.

    Where’s Ritter’s video clips showing the “Deathwind” in action at the range?

    Where’s the pictures of the firearms that have been developed to use this new kind of ammo?

    Finally, there’s this part —

    I am looking for serious research and/or investment funding, preferably from the U.S. Navy and/or Air Force.

    Unless he can prove a substantial improvement over existing technologies, the military isn’t going to give this a second look. Military procurement agencies are notorious for their sticking to the tried-and-true and the not-invented-here attitude.

  2. New Mexico Liberty, March 2010 is now online.
  3. Re: Richardson Vetoes Food Tax

    So that leaves a remaining budget gap of, what, Ø480,000,000?

    ” . . . cutting state agency spending as a last resort.”

    That should have been the FIRST thing on the agenda.

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