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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Random Commentary for 23 March 2010

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Today in history

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  1. Re: Obama grants China Eminent Domain rights to China

    Here’s the link —

    Impeachment Time: Obama Grants Eminent Domain Rights to China to Secure Debt

    I’ve been wondering for months when this issue would come up. I’m just surprised it hasn’t come up sooner.

  2. Re: A British Libertarian View of America

    Heil, ACORN!

    One of my previous efforts.

  3. Re: Genetically-modified foods

    Humans have been modifying the genomes of plants and animals for thousands of years — corn as we know it today can’t survive as a wild plant, for example. Recombinant DNA technology is just the latest example of this. Plus, I’ve taken a biotechnology course, and the examples cited against “GMOs” seem rather overblown to me.

    Let the hate mail commence.

  4. Note about game worlds on Facebook and other similar networking sites — right now, I can’t do any of the game worlds on here [Facebook] — Cafe World, Mafia Wars, etc. Got bogged down like that before with 300+ requests and the like, and ain’t gonna do it again. Sorry!
  5. Re: A British Libertarian View of America

    Glad you [Frank Dubois] liked it.

    Chris Mounsey (“The Devil’s Kitchen” or “DK”) always manages to dig up some good stuff, when he’s not tied up with the day job. Bella (the writer of that article) is his American-born wife.

  6. Re: Gateway Drugs are a Logical Fallacy

    Look at all of the people addicted to oxygen and “water.”

  7. Re: New York Times: States’ Rights Is Rallying Cry of Resistance for Lawmakers

    State governments don’t have rights — they have enumerated powers, same as the federal government.

    Only individual persons have rights.

  8. Re: CAIR founder calls for Islam to dominate America

    This Omar Ahmad clown seems like a Muslim version of Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. What he needs to do is get himself a TV show and start asking for “love gifts.”

  9. Posted to MyYearbook

    Have to get around to renewing my driver’s license — it expired Sunday. And an oil change, but I can do that myself.

    Plus, the tech(s) from DirecTV should be here tomorrow to fix the reception.

  10. Notes from the Kokesh for Congress campaign :
    1. From the campaign’s Facebook page — [~ 1 PM MST] Adam Kokesh is at the Secretary of State’s office turning in over 1200 signatures from all 16 counties in the district!
    2. From Tina Richards — Adam Kokesh just turned in so many signatures, from all 16 counties, that the SOS office just counted the pages, and said, “You are on the ballot” GO GRASSROOTS
  11. Re: New York Times: States’ Rights Is Rallying Cry of Resistance for Lawmakers

    Nullification is the idea that the state government issues some sort of declaration that the state government will not enforce the federal edict, statute, whatever in question. This is a step further than simple noncompliance – this is the State government saying, “No, Washington – you can take this law and shove it.”

    See this Wikipedia article for more about it — Nullification (U.S. Constitution)

    I think Obama and the Imperial Washingtonians really stepped in it big time with this, with cap-and-trade, and a few other things. Nullification was considered dead and buried as a method of resisting federal controls after the 1850’s. I suppose on this basis we should probably offer Obama our most sincere thanks in that legislators in 30-some states are getting up off their rears and back up on their hind legs in opposition to ObamaCare.

    This gives me a bit more hope that we won’t have to go to arms after all to regain our Liberty from the Imperials.

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