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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Random Commentary for Wednesday, 17 March 2010

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  1. For those that play by DC’s rules, the Imperials offer you Brave New World — all the “feelies” and “soma” (Prozac, anyone?) you can afford, etc.

    For those that don’t, they offer Nineteen Eighty-Four, with the eternal boot on the face.

    It’s a legalized version of the offer that the Colombian cocaine cartels offer people — plomo o plata, “lead or silver” — “do what we say and you’ll get rich; don’t and you die.”

    Either way, the agitprop machine against Liberty rolls on, telling us that it’s good for us.

  2. H/T to Kyle Bennett for this one!

    Attention those of you dependent upon tax money — including social security, medicare and other health benefits, your job, your education, your house, your food, whatever — you are subject to being cut off immediately and unilaterally without notice. Prepare yourself, or forever hold your peace.

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