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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Random Shots for Friday, 4 September 2009

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  1. Re: Single Payer: A Slow Train Coming

    The other side [ Fri Sep 4 2009 11:23 AM ]

    Hey, Gene, hopefully you realize that all of this insurance-company lobbying is The Barack’s escape hatch should “public option” get signed into law and turns out to be the disaster that we on the other side say it will be. He’ll just say that “If I didn’t include part of their terms, we would have never gotten it passed,” and then blame it on “special interests controlling Washington.”

    If you think “single-payer” (taxpayer-pays) is such a great idea, why bother trying to get it passed here? Why not just move to Canada or the UK, where it’s already there, and has been for decades? Surely they’ve had the time to work out the bugs by now. After all, I and my fellow libertarians, Tea Partiers and such aren’t keeping you in the States at gunpoint, are we?

  2. Posted to Facebook

    My Advanced Lasers class at CNM ends at 11:20 AM, and it will take me about 30 minutes to get from there to UNM. Understand that my attendance does NOT make me a GOP member in any way – I’ll be there to show moral support for the anti-Weh faction.

  3. Re: Single Payer: A Slow Train Coming

    Well, “Madmammajamma?” [ Fri Sep 4 2009 12:52 PM ]

    if a public option is passed and you don’t like it, how about you find another country to live in?

    As soon as I can afford to do so, I will – I’m looking at possibilities now. This of course means that there will be one less tax serf to pay for your “public option.”

    What a stupid argument. It’s not like anyone is going to take away your private insurance. Why so vehement?

    That will be the net effect, as the “public option” system will not only be able to operate in the red far longer than any private system, using tax dollars to buffer its losses, but will also be able to charge less than the private system, using tax dollars to make up the difference.

    Funny, in that sample of G8 countries the one without a public option spends more of it’s GDP on health care than those that do and still has a lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality rate.

    If public health care is so great, then why are Canadians who can afford to come to the US for health care doing so instead of staying up there? There’s a rather healthy strip of medical clinics along the U.S.-Canadian border that cater to Canadians. How do these places stay in business if Canada’s “single-payer” system is so great?

    If “single-payer,” er, I mean “public option” is such a great deal, what about the cases in the States where it’s already been put in place – the Indian Health Service and the Veterans Administration? Why aren’t you citing these as examples of how things should be run?

  4. Re: Single Payer: A Slow Train Coming

    “People” Speaking [ Fri Sep 4 2009 1:19 PM ]

    Let’s put it this way: If tea baggers get their jell insert-filled sneakers on the ground en masse in Washington, and if they’re not trounced–not just answered–then a very singular slice of “the people” will have spoken. Again.

    All the Tea Party people want from the system is to left alone to their own devices when they’re not hurting others, to fend for themseleves, and make their own way. They have no problem at all helping others in need with voluntary charity, but aren’t too thrilled to say the least about being forced to “donate” via taxation.

    This of course stands in sharp contrast to the people who are turning out to support the ObamaCare plan and its “public option.” The Obamatons think of other peoples’ property and money as their own, to be taken and spent as “the people” dictate – “the people” of course being the Obamatons. Tea Party people, libertarians, free-marketers, agorists, voluntaryists, etc., don’t seem to really qualify as being part of “the people” in Obamatons’ minds.

    Of course, Obama supporters will say I’m deluded on this. Then why do I keep seeing YouTube clips of Tea Party protesters being physically attacked by ObamaCare supporters (many wearing union T-shirts) for the “crime” of holding signs outside “Town Hall” events held by politicians supporting ObamaCare?

  5. Posted to Facebook

    I think that no one should be forced by the government to be responsible for strangers, and no one should use guilt to push through wealth redistribution. If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day.

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