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Friday, 24 July 2009

Random Shots for Thursday, 23 July 2009

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  1. Posted somewhere –

    I still speed (60-65 on Coors, which is posted at 45) — I just slow down to 40 when going through the intersections with cameras, then speed up again once I’m past the intersection.

    What’s objectionable about this is that quite often, it quickly devolves from a public safety measure into a revenue game for the officials running the show. I was pulled over in Corrales back in June, 1998 for a burned-out headlight. The officer who pulled me over told me point-blank, “We’re under instructions to write up everything we can.”

    Even more telling is my conversation with the court clerk a week later. I was working twelve-hour shifts at that time — 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, Sunday — Tuesday one week, and Sunday — Wednesday the next week, back and forth. When I went to the clerk’s office, she told me the officer’s court date, and it was one of those Wednesdays when I had to work. So she gives me another date — two weeks after the first date she gave me. Couldn’t make that one either — working then, too. We go back and forth like this for about ten minutes, at which point I get fed up and ask her, “OK, what’s the fine?” She blurts out, “Oh!” grabs one of her volumes from behind her desk, and after 30 seconds of skimming through it, says “54 dollars.”

    To this day, traveling through Corrales makes my skin crawl.

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