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Saturday, 18 July 2009

17 July 2009 ABQ Tea Party

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Yesterday morning (Friday, 17 July 2009) I went to the local Tea Party demonstration. Short summary – the petitions were presented to Sen. Udall’s staff, they said that he was going to vote for The Barack‘s “cap and trade” bill and Obamacare regardless of what his constituents tell him. Then the assembled protestors were told to disperse by Albuquerque Police Department for not having a permit.

I arrived in the area at about 9:58 AM, and spent a few minutes looking for parking – that’s par for the course in the Downtown area. If you need to visit that area of Albuquerque between 8 AM and 6 PM between Monday and Friday, be prepared to pay AT LEAST Ø3 for a parking spot – some places can go as high as Ø5 for a spot. After paying Ø4 at the paid lot at 2nd and Central – they have a machine there that prints a ticket for you, instead of the lockbox where you have to fold the bills into a narrow strip and feed them through the slot, now you feed them in, just like a vending machine. Either way, it still takes a couple of minutes, and can be really aggravating if you’re loaded up with personal possessions (laptop, etc.).

After parking, I headed to the group that I had seen on both sides of 2nd St NW, between Tijeras and Copper – pictures below. There were about 20 – 30 people at this location.

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At around 10:20 AM, the protestors moved to the sidewalks of Central Ave, between 2nd and 3rd Streets, outside the local office for Sen. Tom Udall. About 100 people attended this part of the event. An unexpected bonus was that the guy running a local hot-dog vendor was wearing a Tea Party T-shirt from a previous event – he hadn’t known about this event, but was just there selling frankfurters.

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At about 10:30 AM, an APD sergeant (vehicle #J255, NM license plate G-74937) arrived at the scene and started talking to various protestors. As time went on, six other officers arrived. At no time were any of the protestors blocking traffic or any of the building entrances.

Click the pictures to see them as full-size images.

At about 11 AM, the crowd was ordered to disperse, as there were more than ten people and no one had gotten a permit from the City for the demonstration.

Lessons learned?

If you’re going to have a demonstration with more than ten (10) people, then it either pays to get the permit OR make sure that everyone understands that they’re all there as individuals, and that the demonstration hasn’t been organized for any specific cause, or any particular group.

The other options are to either just do it and disperse when instructed by police OR make sure that your group is comprised of less than 10 people.

That last option – small-size groups – can work FOR you as well as against you – with small groups spaced every one or two blocks, you can still get the message out over a larger area, thus actually increasing the exposure.


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  1.      Great  Pictures  and  good  reporting !    I  think  you  need  to  change  the  date   from  JUNE   to   JULY   though….. ??     Now,  if  it  had  been  a  bunch  of   illegals  protesting,   it  would  have  been  a  different  story.  NO ONE   would  have  infringed  on  them !  LOL !     How  come  they  can  demonstrate  and  WE  can’t ??    Did  they  bother  to  get  permits   etc. ?    I  doubt  it !   Somehow  I  don’t  think  thats  fair. But  you  do  make  a  lot  of  good  points  about  smaller  groups  spread  out.   KEEP  UP  THE  GOOD  WORK..ALL  OF   YOU !     Carmen

    Comment by MamaCat14 — Saturday, 18 July 2009 @ 11:23 PM (23:23)

  2. @MamaCat14 — Thanks for the heads-up about the date — FIXED!While you’re right that most of the illegal aliens probably wouldn’t bother getting a permit, I suspect that most of them wouldn’t bother showing up at all, in that they’re either too busy at the job(s) they came to America for, or don’t want to endanger those sources of income by getting busted at such an event.While sometimes “illegals” (I don’t know that they ARE in fact illegal aliens) do show up for protest marches, I suspect that the event is probably headed up by some (“left”-fascist) group based north of the border like MEChA or Voz de Aztlan.

    Comment by mikewb1971 — Monday, 20 July 2009 @ 1:29 AM (01:29)

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