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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Electronics 2020 — PC Upgrade and Repair

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This course maps fully to CompTIA’s new 2006 A+ Exam objectives. The course is designed to be a complete, step-by-step approach for learning the fundamentals of supporting and troubleshooting computer hardware.

Course Modules

  • Hardware Needs Software to Work
  • PC Repair Fundamentals
  • Form Factors and Power Supplies
  • Processors and Chipsets
  • Motherboards
  • Upgrading Memory
  • Hard Drives
  • Installing and Supporting Input / Output (I/O) Devices
  • Multimedia Devices and Mass Storage
  • PCs on a Network
  • Notebooks, Tablet PCs and PDAs
  • Supporting Printers and Scanners

Student Competencies

Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to:

  1. Identify fundamental parts of a computer and their functions.
  2. Distinguish between AT, ATX, BTX, LPX and NLX form factors.
  3. Identify system requirements for software and hardware installations and upgrades.
  4. Identify hardware requirements for setting up a SOHO network.
  5. Identify fundamental parts of a laptop and a PDA.
  6. Describe function and parts of an inkjet, laser and dot-matrix printer.


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