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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Pirates in Washington, DC

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Just now, I found this picture at the Rio Grande Foundation-sponsored

(Click the picture to see the full-size version)
If anything, I suspect that there’s more actual pirates (in terms of people who rob, kill, rape, kidnap, assault and steal from others for a living) in Washington DC than on all of the Third World’s coastlines and rivers put together.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Schall provides another side to the Somali pirate story.

It seems that despite The Barack‘s election-campaign rhetoric about diplomacy and peace, he’s showing NO signs of scaling back America’s military overseas involvements — He’s redeploying troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, as a prelude for possible operations in Pakistan.

Oops — did I say that he’s was a peacemonger during the campaign? My mistake!

If anything, it’s a good bet he’s scaling up America’s bootprints abroad. Blackwater, the “Left’s” favorite scapegoats after Wal-Mart, seem to be starting their own navy.


  1. Hat tip to Frank DuBois for finding the above picture.


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