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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Friendship Triangles, Anyone?

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I was perusing the Files section of the ABQMeet Yahoo! group, and found this, attributed to a “James” —

Hi Everyone,

When I was passing through a burg up in Michigan, and while at a little restaurant, I noticed these triangles made from the diner’s napkin that people would place near the edge of their dining table. I eventually inquired as to what it was for.

It’s a “Friendship Triangle” — they take a napkin and fold it into a triangle and place it in clear view near the edge of their table. It’s a signal to strangers (people we haven’t met yet) that it is okay to come introduce themselves.

One of the local restaurants apparently started the custom because they had more customers than they had tables and it blossomed locally into a social tradition.

Place a fork on the napkin if you only want a woman to stop by, or a spoon if you only want a man to stop by. Leaving just a plain napkin invites either gender, a family, or whoever might need a place to sit.

The custom is not to automatically sit down because the triangle is also used now to allow blind dates to find each other the first time — internet dating and all.

So the person seeing the triangle would come over to the table and say “Hi, I’m Sara. I saw the Friendship Triangle.” She would stop talking for a moment to let the person sitting respond. The customary response is either: “Please, come join me.” or “I’m sorry, I’m waiting for someone.”

I thought it a nice idea and I’ve been doing this for a while. It would be nice if restaurant owners would post a little sign near their entry to explain the custom.  Or better yet, an entrepreneur that markets a plaque which is marketed to restaurant owners.


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