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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Did I See What I Thought I Saw?

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While I was watching Metal Mania tonight, the video by Overkill titled “In Union We Stand” came up. During the progress of the clip, I noticed that at least one of the band members seemed to be wearing a belt of linked machinegun ammo around his waist.

NO, I’m not complaining. Considering my politics, I’m probably the last person who should do that.

I’m just noting that even after you’ve seen something a dozen times, the thirteenth time you see it, you could notice something entirely new for the first time. This is part of the reason that Babylon 5 repeats NEVER get old.

That, and two other observations —

  1. Overkill has done stupendously well, considering that they get little to no airplay on AM/FM/satellite radio and the music-video channels. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to was their 23 Sept 2005 show in Albuquerque at the Launchpad. Outside the venue were posters for the local hard-rock station, 94 Rock. Yet how many times before that show (or since) have they played anything from The Wrecking Crew’s discography? I can’t recall any time that they have.
  2. I’m sure that TSA and the European states where they play (they quite possibly have a more loyal following in Europe than the States) would NOT be amused by the belted MG ammo in their baggage. A sign of the times, and not a good one.


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