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Monday, 30 March 2009

So Where’s the SNOW?!

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Since Friday, I’ve been hearing from various people that, not only is the snow coming, but that a blizzard is imminent, and “We’re gonna get it!”

So far, I haven’t seen a single snowflake in Albuquerque. True, some areas in the East Mountains have gotten some, but those areas are also at higher altitudes than Albuquerque.

All I’ve seen in town is the usual New Mexico winter weather — wind, clouds, and “cold” temperatures (it rarely gets below 20°F here).

This just reinforces what I’ve been thinking for years — forget the hairspray heads on TV with their Doppler radar and airport weather stations. The best weather report you’ll get is the one you see when you look outside through your front porch window in the morning.


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