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Monday, 16 March 2009

Using Linux more and more now

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On 6 March 2009, I got Linux installed on a desktop at home and working. Finally — don’t know how many times I’ve tried.

So when I can’t get Windows XP to work any more, I’ll be OK. That, and I have absolutely no need to pick up a copy of their latest (Vista), about which I’ve heard almost nothing but bad reviews. Fuck ’em and the (Trojan) horse they rode in on.

I first considered using Linux back in 2001, when I was having all sorts of problems with Microsoft’s Windows 98. I purchased a copy of Red Hat, but it didn’t work, so I tried Mandrake 9. Again, no cigar.

Between then and now, I’ve tried various boot “live” CD versions of Knoppix, Slax, Ubuntu, DSL, etc. but since for whatever reasons I wasn’t able to get onto the Internet with them, I wrote them off as failures. Meanwhile, in August 2005, I signed on at Burlington Coat Factory, which uses a version of Red Hat as the operating system for its corporate computer network.

Then last semester (and last year), I signed up for the Linux Essentials course at CNM. The course focuses on looking at Linux from the command line, which was how I learned MS-DOS. There, we installed Ubuntu 8.10 and SuSE Enterprise 10 onto detachable hard drives.

In February, I tried the boot CD option again, and was able to access the Internet using Gentoo 2.4. Finally, on 6 March, I downloaded the ISO image for OpenSuse 11.1, burned it to a CD and installed it to a desktop.

I’m still playing with various boot CD versions — Knoppix, Slax, Backtrack, and Puppy Linux — with other desktops and my laptop with the burned-out (?) Internet connection.

I won’t stop using Windows entirely — I’ll have three XP keys (2 Pro, 1 Home) and one for 2000 Pro. But I won’t be locked into it as I was before.


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