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Friday, 13 March 2009

What About Nice Guys?

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“tokyoexpressman” makes an interesting point on the Datingish blog entry “Nice Guys Finish Last and ‘You’re Like My Best Friend’” —

Because you don’t stand out. End of story. As soon as you start being nice, you get filed away in the friends drawer.

Not that you have to be a douche, but don’t put all your time and energy into her. Chick flicks (which is where romantics and nice guys draw much of their schtick from) are a poor example because while the guy might win the girl over with a bunch of sweet acts in 90 minutes, don’t forget the movie is set over periods of weeks or months. What else was that tall good-looking romantic lead actor doing when we wasn’t wooing the lead actress?

Sleeping. Shaving his face. Hanging out with the guys. Watching hockey. Working out. Killing terrorists, I don’t know. Point is that he was NOT spending every single moment of every single day chasing her; he was doing his own shit too.

Make yourself less available. People want things that are scarce, not commonly available. Simple economics.

This makes a lot of sense — and it isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. John Ross has written several articles on the same theme in his “Ross in Range” articles.


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