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Monday, 19 January 2009

More BS from “truth”

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Re: Should cosmetic and Tobacco companies join forces since smoking cigarettes contributes to wrinkles?

First, how about providing some definitive scientific evidence that “smoking causes wrinkles,” as alleged by “truth” ? Maybe they should change their handle to “lies” ?

Second, the question assumes that if it’s answered in the affirmative, then the “moral imperative” ball will be on “truth”‘s side of the court, to be backed up by legislation, if needed.

Where exactly does the U.S. Constitution authorize the Congress to mandate any such merger, or anything even resembling it?

I guess Congress is “authorized” to do so in the same way they’re “authorized” to restrict gun ownership despite the Second Amendment, or to restrict possession of marijuana, or home distilling of alcohol spirits — by the same asinine 1942 decision (Wickard v. Filburn) that said that if something was touched by interstate commerce in any way, then it was a part of interstate commerce, and thus subject to whatever statutes, regulations, and whatever else the White House and Congress decide to sign off on.

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