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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Wither “Extra Credits” ?

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Yeah, I’ll admit, even I can fall prey to the occasional scam. For example, Xanga’s “Extra Credit” scheme, where the admins would pay (some would dispute my use of that word) you to post adverts for various products as blog entries.

The admins weren’t (or aren’t) offering cash ØØØØ‘s in exchange for users to post the ads, but Xanga credits. I use the word “pay” in that you can pay for credits with cash (or check, or credit cards or PayPal[1]), and use those credits to get stuff (like a Premium  status for your account) within the Xanga system, but still, you can’t use them outside Xanga, nor does there seem to be any way to redeem credits for cash or credit, short of cancelling your Xanga account.

Anyway, the admins were offering 250 or 500 credits per posting of these adverts. I fell for it — it was easy, just click the green “Post This” button, the ad goes to your blog, and the credits go to your account.

Still, I can get two to four times as many credits by taking one or two minutes longer and filling out one of the PenautLabs surveys that I’m always getting emails for.

And, judging by the fact that the number of adverts offered up by the admins has dropped quite a bit, it seems that a large number of Xangans (?) agree with my sentiment as stated above. After all, why would they continue to offer the adverts-for-points if no one is taking them up on the offer?

Just my Ø0.02 worth.


[1] No PayPal for me — EVER. Their system snarled up a Visa account of mine back in 2002.
     I’ve since paid off the account and canceled it, but never used PayPal after that time.


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