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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Negative eProps?

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Today, I saw this posting on Xanga’s “group blog” sub-site titled “White Parents Need to Beat Their Kids.”

My comment in response was to question the propriety of Peters’ apparent double standard towards racism.

Then some asswipe posts an attempt at a reply

I hope you saw the video and realized that it’s a thing called comedy, words by Russell Peters.

But I’m digressing here. Apologies.

Sometimes just ignoring a stupid posting isn’t sufficient. Really bad ideas need to be stomped out. Bad ideas cry out to be stomped flat.

NO, I;m not calling for any sort of censorship here, whether it’s done by the site host or mandated in the halls of various legislative bodies. I’ll leave that idiocy for lesser minds.

Still, bad ideas need to be called on the carpet for what they are — memetic dead ends. Epistemological road washouts.


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