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Monday, 29 December 2008

Firing This Up [CNM-D]

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OK, folks, I started this up about a month ago, but haven’t had a chance to actually do anything with it til now.

My purpose in doing so was to bring to light some of the irregularities and goings-on in the School of Applied Technologies — things like piles of cash going missing, problems between instructors and higher-up administrative personnel, among others. Since I created the blog, I haven’t posted anything there yet, and now the furor has died down a bit, at least in the Photonics Department.

STILL, I like to have fun with what I see as idiocies and insanities on the part of others. It looks like I’ll see plenty of those coming up, if last semester was any indication. And if there’s no fun there, there’s always the CNM Chronicle to make fun of — with columns like the regular “Circling the Drain” eco-fascist hysteria, how could I NOT have fun?

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