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Sunday, 28 December 2008

“Big Tobacco” Adopting Kids?

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Re: Should Big Tobacco start adopting the 30 kids who lose their moms to Tobacco daily? Why or why not?

Don’t these asswipes at “truth” get tired of telling us just how bad tobacco is? I’ve known this since I was about seven years old. Both parents smoked for 20-plus years, and I worked in a casino that allowed smoking on the gaming floor for four-and-a-half years (the headaches I had there were from the noise created by the slot machines — I was taking up to six Tylenols and Advils a day while I was there).

As for “Big Tobacco” adopting kids whose mothers died due to tobacco-related causes —

  • What if the father is the parent killed? Why only the mother?
  • This question assumes that the father isn’t around. What if he is?
  • Is “Big Tobacco” supposed to go into the orphanage business? Should that side of the operation be called “Big Kids” ?
  • Who ensures that any such kids are raised with the “right” values? Who determines what those “right” values are in the first place?
  • Should “Big Tobacco” teach those kids the ins and outs of the business as a way of providing those kids with marketable job skills?

It can be so much fun answering a question with more questions. Especially when the reaction from the original poster will most likely be “Duh.”

Should Ford or GM adopt the kids of people killed in traffic accidents?

Should the liquor industry adopt your kids if you get killed in an alcohol-related accident?

Should your dope dealer adopt your kids if you overdose?

Why bother sticking with just the deep-pockets companies? They wouldn’t be able to put their product on the market if it weren’t for the mom-and-pop corner store to put it on the shelves? Why not go after them, too? They do this here in New Mexico — if you’re hit by a drunken driver, you can not only sue that person, but the person who served him the booze.

Really, folks — when is this third-party liability nonsense going to stop? How far is too far?

Props to The_Harley_Quinn_Experiance for sounding off on this BS

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