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Friday, 26 December 2008

Retail Work SUCKS

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I have to thank “obwaher” for posting the article Worst Season To Work In Retail, Sales Make People Crazy

I posted the following comment in response —

        I work in retail, too, so I get this sort of garbage all the time. I don’t think that there’s a day
        I spend at work that I don’t want to reach over the counter and kill at least one time.

        I refuse to wear the company-issued name tag. When we had the little name labels on the
        back of our time cards, I peeled that label off and put my time card in my pocket. Then
        they sent out these new name tags, but they never gave me one. Not like I would’ve wore it
        if they did. If these asshole customers want to address me on a first-name basis, then they
        can wear name tags, too.

       The absolute worst people are the ones who tell you, “I’ve worked in retail, so I know you
       can do this . . .” as they’re trying to scam you with a switched price tag, or trying to
       return something that’s obviously been worn to Hell and back, or trying to get use an
       expired discount coupon, or . . . .

It’s true — there isn’t one day that goes by at Burlington Bullshit Factory where I don’t want to reach across the counter and just choke the living shit out of some asshole that’s trying to pull some stupid scam on me, then getting pissed at me when they figure out that I’m on to their piss-poor attempt at getting a freebie.

Sorry, you fucking moron, but that’s a piece of my paycheck you’re trying to scam away from me there. Try this shit with me when I’m off the property and off the clock and see what happens.

Then there’s the clowns who let their genetic-drift excuses for children run rampant all over the store, trashing the displays, pulling tags off of items, among other things. They open packages of candy so their issue can have a snack while they shop. They let their kids wander off, then expect the employees there to babysit and safeguard their kids from harm. Last time I checked, I didn’t agree to watch other people’s kids as part of my employment contract. The worst part of this aspect is that these “people” (a former LPNM member likes to refer to them as “basic life units.”) is that they’ll sit that screaming, restless kid on my register counter while they dump their full load of gangsta wear on the same counter, so I get to ring that shit up while dodging that kid.

There’s the people who expect me to take custody of their half-empty cup from Starbucks, McDonalds or whatever. Don’t they know how that shit leaks all over the trash can? I guess they don’t or that they just don’t care. I just tell them to throw it in the trash can immediately outside the store.


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