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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Selling My Car

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Here’s the craigslist advert

1996 Saturn SL-2 — available for parts or repair

  • Four doors
  • four 1.9-liter cylinders
  • dual cam
  • AM/FM/cassette radio
  • empty bay for CD player
  • new exhaust system (August 2008) and radiator (March 2008)
  • head gasket replaced in April 2008.

$500 or best offer

Contact Mike (me) at 505-918-6567 or email me.

What really sucks about this is that I swapped out that radiator MYSELF on 18 March of this year — took me three hours to get it done.

UPDATE as of 18 February 2010 – Most of what I received in inquiries were from out-of-state, asking for a mailing address so they could “send a cashier check,” so I ended up donating the car to Casa Esperanza instead.

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