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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Some controversial views of mine

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OK, the Xanga team asked “What are some controversial views you hold?”

First, a caveat — if you’re not sure that you’ll like the answer, then don’t ask the question.

First, I see no reason that people should pay taxes to support government activities. Either those activities can be paid for with voluntary contributions, or they should be done by the private sector. If there’s no one willing to chip in for it, then wait until there is someone willing to chip in.

Second, I think that the firearm you carry on your person as you go about your day should be considered just as much a fashion item as your shoes or jewelry. Thomas Jefferson, founder of the Democratic Party, said “Carry your gun with you in all your walks.” How many of these shooting sprees at schools, workplaces and shopping-mall could have been stopped by someone at the scene carrying a weapon and knowing how to use it? The problem isn’t too many guns “on the street” (Brady Campaign codespeak for “in private hands”), but not enough.

Third, I think that all drugs should be fully re-legalized (most drugs now illegal were legal at one time) and not the “let’s tax it and regulate it” kind of “legalization” — if you don’t like what you get from one person, go to a different supplier. Or find something else to use. Or do something else entirely besides drugs. Ideally, sell the stuff from vending machines, the way that cigarettes are in some bars.

On the drug note, I see no reason to continue the idea of “underage drinking.” People in other countries are perfectly OK with the kids having a glass of wine with dinner. Here in New Mexico, it’s a fourth-degree felony. And to round out the drug issue, let’s move all drugs that are currently “by prescription only” to the “over-the-counter” category, and let them be sold by mail-order.

Immigration? That’s not really an issue at all if you look at it the right way. Get rid of the welfare state and America’s interventionist foreign policy, then follow that up with repealing the federal victim disarmament laws, and we’ll be better off.

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