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Friday, 28 November 2008

Recalling Cigarettes?

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Some idiot at “truth” asked the following attempt at a question —

Products that cause injuries are recalled. But cigarettes are never recalled. Why is that?

I just don’t know. Why isn’t it that booze isn’t recalled? After all, look at all of the people that are injured and killed from alcohol-related injuries — fights, walking through traffic, driving, falling down stairs, among other things.

At least smokers don’t cause injuries to others like people who drink have the potential to cause — when was the last time you heard of an accident caused by “driving while smoking” ?

When was the last time a smokers got wacked out from too much nicotine in a bar and took a swing at the guy next to him?

I’ve been around smokers for thirty-plus years — both parents smoked for twenty-plus years, I worked in a casino for four and a half years, among othe things. Yet I’ve never observed any sort of behavior that I’ve seen from drunks.

So I’ll ask it again — why isn’t “truth” calling for a recall of alcohol-related beverages? Oh, that’s right — America already tried something with alcohol like what they advocate for tobacco products almost eighty years ago. How well did that “Noble Experiment” work out?

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