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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Backlash Against The Barack Begins

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Today, I found an article on a blog linked to here about a possible coming backlash against the anointment of The Barack —

Populism Arising — but Will It Be the Killer Kind?

The author is rather mistaken in assuming that there is a potential backlash against Herr Emperor Barack XLIV and his fascist Democrat cronies. It’s already begun — it started on 5 November 2008, judging by some of the (crude) text messages that one of my Republican classmates was forwarding to others.

Here’s some quotes —

The ideological foundations of free-market economics and a consumer society have collapsed. This collapse is hard for us to fathom. We are still in shock and denial.

True free-market policies have yet to be tried in America, or anywhere else around the world. Some governments have been more free-market-oriented than others, but none have “gone all the way,” as the saying goes.

We grasp, on a subliminal level, that laissez-faire capitalism is gone, but we have not viewed the corpse, scheduled the funeral and read the last rites.

NO, it never truly existed in the first place.

A victory by Barack Obama may embolden right-wing populists. They will be able to use Obama and “liberal Democrats” as a lightning rod for the failings, growing poverty and incompetence of the state.

I certainly hope so. Maybe some of them will give up the statist aspects of “right-wing” politics under the Obama Administration, as I’m hoping some “left-wingers” did under the Bush Administration.

At any rate, left unchecked, The Barack will expand the federal government beyond any real hope of reining it back into Constitutional compliance within a reasonable timeframe. Card-check, the “Fairness” Doctrine, his history as a hoplophobe, “universal health care,” continuation of the Afghanistan Occupation, possible extensions of the Iraq Occupation . . . the list goes on.

The elite, as happens in all such moments of confusion, revolt and social chaos, will probably be forced to make an uncomfortable alliance with right-wing populists if they want to survive.

The parasitic self-appointed Ruling Class “elite” will gravitate toward the Obama Administration just as they did to the Bush Administration. Obama and his Democrat rat-pack camp-followers and strap-hangers will be just as swayed by campaign contributions as Comrade George W. and the Busheviks. I cite the Clinton Administration as evidence.

We have begun a socialist experiment. George W. Bush and John McCain, in stunning repudiations of all they claimed to believe, call for massive state intervention in the financial markets and the use of billions in government funds to buy major stakes in banks. The question is not whether we will build state socialism. This process has already begun. The only question left is whether this will be right-wing or left-wing socialism.

FINALLY, despite my numerous disagreements with the posters’ views on which way the nation should go, someone who’s willing to tell it like it is about the current state of the American ship of state.


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