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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Speed Limits

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The question was Do you abide by the speed limit when you drive? If not, how far over the limit do you normally go?

Ha ha ha! Good one!

I usually view speed limits as minimums on most roads, especially when there’s no one else on the road (like past midnight).

But I have gone as high as 70 mph on the Montano Bridge when the side I was on was empty.

Here’s what traffic engineers say is the critera they use to determine speed limits —

Particularly telling is this paragraph —

However, a review of available speed studies demonstrates that the posted speed limit is almost
always set well below the 85th-percentile speed by as much as 8 to 12 mph (see p.88) (13 to 19
km/h). Some reasons for this include:
    • Political or bureaucratic resistance to higher limits.
    • Statutes that restrict jurisdictions from posting higher limits.

The section of the Wikipedia page that covers opposition to speed limits forgets to mention the real reason for traffic laws — to fill Leviathan’s coffers. See here for more.

And buying a decent radar detector always helps. [snicker]

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