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Monday, 13 October 2008

Which presidential candidate are you voting for? Why?

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The question is Which presidential candidate are you voting for? Why?

At present, I’m voting for Bob Barr. The ONLY reasons that I’m doing so are as follows —

By voting for Barr, I’m helping to maintain ballot access for the Libertarian Party of New Mexico. The LPNM’s presidential candidate needs to get one-half of one percent (0.5 %, or 0.005) of the total amount of votes cast in the presidential election this year to maintain its existence as a political party recognized by the Secretary of State’s Office. Considering all of the bullshit that the LPNM and its candidates have had to go through in the past to get on the ballot, doesn’t it makes sense to retain that access to the ballot once we have it?

The other reason that I’m putting on the hazmat suit to vote for the Barr/Root ticket is that Charles Jay and Tom Knapp aren’t on the ballot (I’m the only real member of the Boston Tea Party that I know of), and that writing them in would invalidate my entire ballot, as New Mexico’s Election Code doesn’t allow the writing-in of anyone who’s not a “declared write-in candidate.”

Excuse me, assholes, but the whole point of the write-in option is to give the voter a chance (other than staying home) of saying “FUCK YOU!” to the system and its candidates by penciling in Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck. My personal choice to write in would be Cthulhu — if you’re into voting, why not go all-out? Why settle for the lesser of the available evils?

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