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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Smoking IS a Choice

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When I clicked on this (sponsored) link, this blog entry came up. The suggested title was “People say smoking is a choice. But if you’re addicted to something, doesn’t that rule out choice?”

Sorry (not really!), folks, smoking IS a choice. No one that I can see FORCES you to put the cigarette into your mouth. No one that I can see FORCES you to light that cigarette. No one that I can see FORCES you to inhale smoke from that lit cigarette.

Maybe I missed it. Maybe there really are tobacco company employees going around and holding knives to the throats of their customers, telling them, “Smoke or die!” I’m just saying that I haven’t seen anything like that in thirty-seven years of being alive on this planet.

If anyone should have started smoking as a result of exposure to other smokers, it should have been me. Both of my parents smoked for 20-plus years, I worked in a Siberian-American casino for four-and-a-half years, where smoking was allowed on the gaming floor, and some of my coworkers, classmates and instructors smoke tobacco. Yet somehow I never caught the tobacco bug. I wonder why that’s the case . . . ?

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