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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Metallica is BACK!

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I first started listening to Metallica back in 1987. I was just getting started as a headbanger and thrash metal fan. I had recently purchased Megadeth’s Peace Sells . . . But Who’s Buying? album and thought it was great. At morning homeroom sessions, the guy sitting next to me and I would sometimes swap cassette tapes. I loaned him the Megadeth tape, and the one he loaned me was Master of Puppets.

After listening to the tape, I fell in love with their music, and purchased my own copy shortly thereafter [1]. I followed it up with cassette copies of Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning, and everything else [2]. In 1998 and 1999, the cassette copies were wearing out, so I purchased the compact-disc versions of these albums [1].

OK, so I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the bands’ leading the charge against Napster [3], but still, I bought Garage Days and S&M. I was deaf to the complaints of them “selling out” with Load and Reload (similar complaints were made after the release of Metallica (The Black Album)). No, my breaking point was St. Anger.

Yes, I purchased a CD copy of St. Anger. After listening for the first time, I was . . . how to say this nicely? . . . disappointed. And I wasn’t the only one.

Most of my listening to broadcast radio consists of the times I’m driving around town. Mostly I listen to 94.1 KZRR-FM here in Albuquerque [4]. Every weeknight around 10 PM, they put the word out for listeners to call in requests for their favorite Metallica songs [5], and they put them in the “Metal Up Your Ass” segment [6].

Put it this way — it’s a rare, rare occurrence that a caller will request something from St. Anger. Request after request comes in for songs from ALL of the other albums.

As for St. Anger, what can I say? I just don’t know. Maybe it’s something they just had to get out of their collective systems. Who knows — it’s not like they had (or have) any sort of monopoly on stupidity. I’ll admit it — I’ve done my share of stupid stuff, too.

Fast-forward to August, 2008, Metallica released two singles from their latest studio album, Death Magnetic, to radio stations — The Day That Never Comes and Cyanide.

After hearing these tow songs, I can unequivocally say that Metallica is BACK! Gone are the pod-people or mimics who put together St. Anger. Whatever bug was up the collective asses of Hetfield, Hammett and Ulrich [7], it seems to be GONE now, and they’re back up to snuff. Let’s just hope that they don’t try to defend St. Anger, as that one was indefensible.


[1] So much for their arguments against Napster.
[2] The last Metallica album that I bought as a cassette was Load.
[3] They got their start in the early 1980s by passing around uncopyrighted, unlicensed “bootleg” cassette
     tapes of their songs, as well as other bands’ songs as cover tunes.
[4] When the disk jockey on duty plays Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana or Faith No More, I change the station for
     five minutes.
[5] Every time I try to call in, the line is busy. For the record, my favorites are Eye Of The Beholder (theme song
     for The Weekly Sedition!) and Of Wolf And Man.
[6] Metal Up Your Ass was the original title for Kill ‘Em All.
[7] From what I understand, Bob Rock was the bassist on the St. Anger album.


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