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Monday, 8 September 2008

What Happened?

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About a week ago, I noticed that when I clicked on the left-hand side links here, the browser jumped to the Google pages that I had set up, just as I intended, but when it was done, all that was displayed was a message saying that the pages there had been disabled for a “violation of terms of service.” But when I checked just now, those same pages are back up and running, just like I left them, as though nothing had happened.

After looking through Google’s terms of service concerning those pages, I was at a loss as to exactly what the violation was – I had posted far risquier stuff on my personal blog and the Google pages that I had created and linked there. I didn’t violate any copyrights that I know of, and when I do post someone else’s stuff without getting their permission first, at least I credit them properly to the best of my knowledge.

OK, I’m clueless on this one – maybe someone can clue me in? I’m guessing that it was a brain fart on the part of one of the Google system administrators, but that’s just my guess.

At any rate, I’m not taking chances with this sort of thing – I’m backing up all of my postings to my portable hard drive as best I’m able, so that I can repost them if necessary.


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