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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Vacation’s Over — Back to School, Back to Work

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Most of the vacations that I’ve taken in the past few years, I’ve spent them going to LPNM functions of some sort or another. This year, I ran into the “use it or lose it” situation concerning my vacation days at the day job, so I took the ten days I had coming to me all at once. I was told that the District Manager wasn’t inclined to approve my taking them all at once, but I did get them. On top of that, I had three weeks of time off from school.

My initial plan was to go to a couple of headbanger shows in the Downtown area of Albuquerque, get drunk most nights, sleep in for the mornings, and seek out a date or two.

On top of that, I was busy in a few other ways. The week before I started my vacation (Tuesday, 13 August 2008, actually), my mother was in a car accident after visiting her horse, which she kept at a stable in the South Valley. She wasn’t hurt, but the left-front corner of her car was crunched up some to the point of being unsafe to drive, so I went down to pick her up. She wasn’t hurt, and the other party admitted fault to her, to me and to the officer who arrived at the scene. Farmers agreed to pay for a rental car (a Chevy Aveo from Enterprise Rentals) for a week. After their adjuster looked at her car (a 1998 Honda Accord), the adjuster decided it was totaled, and to cut her a check for a new car. More on that later, with pictures. Let’s just say that if you’re in an accident, hope
that the other party isn’t a cleint of Farmers’ Insurance.

On Tuesday, 19 August, I went to the Sheriff’s Department to get a copy of the report about the accident. They said that it “wasn’t in the system.” O-kay. But prior to going to the Sheriff’s Department, I took my laptop over to PC Parts + on Menaul to have either the power jack repaired, or the hard drive backed up to a DVD-ROM. I went with the repair work, as I don’t have enough cash for a new laptop at present.

The tech that I talked to informed me that PC Club, the place across the street from PC Parts + where I purchased the laptop in December, 2003, had since been sold, then went out of business. Goodbye and good riddance, considering the way that they tried to charge me for work that wasn’t needed and wasn’t done back in June, 2004.

Later that night, I attended the first meeting of the NM for Bob Barr Meetup. There were five people there. Due to my school scehdule, I most likely won’t able to make any future meetups — I get out of class on Tuesdays at 7:50 PM, and they moved the start time of the meetups to 6:00 PM. Which I view as a good thing — I wasn’t a Barr supporter prior to his being nominated by the LP as its presidential candidate, and I’m not particularly enthused about how the campaign is being conducted. The ONLY (real) reason for me to press the button for Barr is to ensure the LPNM ‘s ballot access after the election.

On both Wednesday nights (20 and 27 August), I produced New Mexico’s Consumer Advocate, the weekly TV show that I do with Bill Koehler every Wednesday night until the end of September. Starting in October, we switch — I go in front of the camera and he goes in the back, and we produce The Weekly Sedition. Due to my school schedule, I will be on Thursday nights at 9PM.

After each show on Wednesday nights, Bill and I usually go to the Applebee’s on Menaul, just west of Carlisle. On the 27th, we met Jim Scarantino, who along with the Rio Grande Foundation, has sponsored the public forum New Mexico Liberty. We talked for a while, and got along well.

I was planning to attend two events sponsored by the Rio Grande Foundation, a candidate forum and a screening of The Great Global Warming Swindle. When I arrived at the Marriott Pyramid for the candidate forum, I was told it was 35 FRN to get it. I was under the impression that it was a freebie, so I blew it off. Likewise, I blew off the movie screening, but no matter, it’s available on Google Video. I had been planning to go to the annual Bubonicon convention, but decided not to, as I thought that I would need the cash to pay for the laptop repairs. Oh well — aside from seeing Victor Milan again, I didn’t see a reason to go.

Anyway, I’m back on the day job — every day, I feel burned out. Definitely time to start looking in that regard.

Another sour note — I received a notice that I had been nailed by one of the city’s traffic cameras, to the tune of 74 FRN.

Coming back to school, I found out that one of the classes that I had signed up (Optics) for had been canceled, because not enough people had signed up for it. On the recommendation of the department chair, I signed up for another one in the field (Biophotonics). This changes my schedule a bit, but I’ll work through it. I also found out that one of my other courses (Intro to Blueprint Reading) requires a 100-FRN textbook (that’s the used version).

At the end of my vacation, I did go on two dates, and prospects look good there, at least. More later . . . .


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