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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Courtesy of the Road?

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Why is it that people will do things when driving that they would never get away with in a face-to-face interaction? I’m specifically referring to people who expect others to slow down and/or stop so they can merge into a lane by cutting in front.

How many people would try this at the supermarket — butting in front of someone at the checkout line? Not many, I’d guess — simply because the people that they’re trying to get ahead of would say, “You need to go to the back of the line.”

That would be the nicest way that I would say it — if the person chose to get physical with me, I would reward such assault and battery with a kick to the kneecap. (Kicking for the groin is for amateurs.)

Usually as I’m traveling around town, there are a few people who try to merge in front of me and expect me to slow down on their behalf. Of course, I do the exact opposite — I speed up so they can’t merge in front of me.

Of  course, these are the same people who are always complaining about other drivers being “rude” for not letting them merge in front, and call for more laws to force others to be more “courteous.” These are the same people who say that the traffic codes concerning speed are “made to protect us” and “for our benefit.”


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