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Thursday, 28 August 2008

The ONLY Republican Presidential Candidate Worth Your Vote!

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Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY Republican presidential candidate worth voting for! Voting for ANY of the others is WASTED VOTE!

The Official Ron Paul Campaign Site

Ron Paul’s official site as a Representative in the U.S. House

New Mexicans for a Constitutional Government (See also

New Mexico for Ron Paul 2008

More links for the Paul campaign

Meetups in New Mexico

Albuquerque Meetup
Farmington Meetup
Roswell Meetup
Santa Fe Meetup
Socorro Meetup
Taos Meetup

Posted by Mike Blessing, Executive Heretic at KCUF Media

Reposted at the New Mexicans for Ron Paul Myspace profile and the New Mexicans for Ron Paul Myspace group.


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