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Thursday, 28 August 2008

My Xanga Wish List

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First thing is that I’d like to be able to post subpages to my site here, so that I don’t have to use blog entries for that purpose. Right now, I’m using Google Sites for that purpose, and I’ve deleted the blog entries that had been serving that purpose. It’s not like I’m likely to run out of blog space, but it just looks tacky.

Next, I’d like to be able to create and post to categories of blog entries (separate from keywords), and to retroactively assign previous entries to those categories. Ideally, I’d like to be able to post to more than one category. Maybe this is part of the tagging function . . . .

Third, I’d like to see some sort of search engine for my blog entries. I’d like to be able to search by tags/keywords/categories, date and title. So far, you can search by tags, but not by date or title.

Fourth, I’d like to be able to assign my own domain name to this site. The corporate admin people say that they’re working on it.

Fifth, I’d like to be able to import blog entries from other sites to this one. The Xanga system administrators might balk at this idea, but done right, it could be a selling point for Xanga above the other services.

Sixth, a database for link URLs, similar to my idea for a database of blog entries.


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