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Monday, 25 August 2008

Must-See TV — Primeval

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Three weeks ago (meant to blog about this then), BBC America premiered a new series (for America, that is — the series had premiered in the United Kingdom last year.) — Primeval. It sounded interesting from the adverts that I saw, and I was NOT disappointed upon tuning in.

This series revolves around the cast’s interaction with various “anomalies,” portals in the space-time continuum that take people and animals to different periods in the Earth’s history. The protagonist, Professor Nick Cutter, is a biologist specializing in evolutionary matters.His wife Helen disappeared (and was presumed dead by the authorities) eight years before the series starts. The only thing is that Nick never believed that Helen truly died, and so he continues the search.

In the process of finding out what’s going on concerning the anomalies, Nick and friends end up forming an ad hoc team and link up with a branch of the UK’s Home Office, which is kind of like America’s Department of Justice.

Epsiode One involves a portal back to the Permian Era (about 250 million years ago), while in Episode Two, the portal goes back to the Carboniferous Era (about 300 — 350 million years ago).Other eras will be visited shortly, including the future.

Quibbles — Epsiode One involved a Gorgonopsid stalking around London, while Epsiode Two had a two-meter centipede (Arthropleura) crawling around through the London subway system, as if the 7 July 2005 bombing wasn’t enough. Both of these critters could have been put down by well-aimed gunfire, especially when they were in tight quarters (the Gorgonopsid in the school hallway, the Arthropleura in the subway storeroom). Never mind that the only people shown carrying purpose-built weapons were the black-clad “ninja” tactical teams, personified by SAS Gulf War vet Tom Ryan. But what did you expect — passerby pulling G-3s out of their car trunks and rushing to assist? This IS Britain, where the population is happily disarmed, and there is no crime from which to defend oneself.


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