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Monday, 18 August 2008

Libertarians Should Be libertarians First

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No, that’s NOT a typo in the title. If it’s grammatically incorrect, the mistake is an intentional one on my part.

I simply posit that in order for Big-L Libertarians (members of the Libertarian Party) to be the most effective in spreading the message, they should first strive to be the best small-l libertarians that they can. This goes not only for what they say on the campaign trail, but also after being elected to office, should they win that election. And, more importantly, in their private personal lives.

For candidates, party officials and members in public office, I recommend the same sort of stance that I’ve adopted as the editorial stance of New Mexico Liberty – at least, do no harm – don’t make government worse, more expensive, or more intrusive. We may not agree on how much government should remain when we’re done, what to cut first or how fast to go, but let’s not make the problem worse.


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