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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Laptop is Still Down

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Yeah, my laptop is still down. I haven’t had the time or cash lately to take it and get it fixed, what with work and the fact that the fan motor in my car went out recently. At least that is an easy fix — it’s easy to get to and the replacement part only costs 40 bucks.

In contrast, I tried taking my laptop apart to repair the currently-broken power port. First, I couldn’t get it apart far enough to get to the part in question. Second, I have serious doubts that I have the skill level needed to complete the repair(s) without making things worse.

In the meantime, I’ve been operating online from a 4-gigabyte PNY flash memory stick. It only cost me 29.99 at Best Buy. I’ve got the self-extracting files of the software that I use on there, and I’m opening and installing the files there as I need them. So far, I’ve only had to open a few (Open Office, Pidgin, Thunderbird), and I still have 3 GB left free on it.

I picked out the software that I saved to it from two sources — OpenDisc and Why pay an arm and a leg for the proprietary stuff when you can get stuff that’s just as good for no charge?

At any rate, even if I do get my laptop fixed (it’s five years old in December, and the warranty is long since voided due to previous repair work), I’m still going to operate from the flash drive. I’ll probably get another flash drive — a 16 GB unit — so I can fully install all of the software, and keep the 4 GB unit as a software backup.

What’s this mean? I can use these programs — and save files to my drives — while using any Wintel-based machine that I come across. Having the laptop back in operation will be a nice bonus (a REALLY nice bonus) but not needed in the end.


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