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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Me, the Myspace Addict?

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Apparently, I’m a “Myspace Addict” —

Your result for Do you belong to MySpace or facebook test…

MySpace Addict!

71% MySpace!

You love having a huge network of close friends and a few randoms. Don’t forget your favorite band! You want the right to use your creative flair and customize every inch of your profile page to make everyone get a better understanding of you! You belong to Myspace. That is where your soul is! You aren’t really concerned about groups because MySpace does a shitty job of keeping groups interesting anyway (no offense if you have a group on MySpace, I’m sure its LOVELY!). So, go you myspace and start up your account, or if you already have one, go give your profile a new background! Give it a nice flair and enjoy keeping up with all those friends!

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— which is rather funny, as I slacked off considerably in my usage there, and am considering deleting my memberships there.


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