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Saturday, 7 June 2008

My Worst Dating Experiences?

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OK, this post is in response to a “featured question” that popped up on one of the main pages here. The question is “What is your worst dating experience?”

 So here goes . . .

I guess my bad experiences with dating fall into three categories —

First, there’s the times that I showed up for a date, and my date turned out to be so undesirable that I couldn’t leave the scene fast enough. The date I remember that falls into that category was in February, 2004 — we met at the Olive Garden near the Cottonwood Mall in Albuquerque. She was complaining about Tripping the Rift, an animated series on the Skiffy Channel. She said about five times, “That’s just out of control, that’s too much.” Yeah.

Second, there’s the potential girlfriends who let me fall for them, then blew me off. Bobbie, Letty, Melissa and Katie come to mind there.

What NONE of them seem to considered is that guys have feelings, too. When they blew me off, it actually hurt in the physical sense — I suffered from headaches and mild nausea for a few days afterward.

Third was the transvestite who got me drunk and took about 140 bucks from me. That was in June, 2004. We met at the bar of the Holiday Inn on Menaul in Albuquerque, where I bought drinks for her, her two friends, and myself. After I was buzzed, we started kissing, with tongue, and then “she” said, “Let’s go some place wild.” We left the bar, at which point “she” started hitting me up for money, so I pulled out 100 bucks from my debit card. After sneaking to my car and tossing my wallet into the trunk, I got into their car and went with them, with “her” and I making out in the backseat. We stopped at a 7-11 on Carlisle, and I provided cash for the friends to buy beer. Then we went to Central Ave. and stopped in front of the Pulse club. At this point, I was wondering, “What the FUCK is going on here?” and asked them, “Are you sure about this? This is a gay bar.” They told me not to worry, so I followed them to the door, where the bouncer was checking ID cards. I took a look at “her” driver’s license — the first name was “ROBERT” and the picture was a guy with a beard. I took off running, and made it back to my car sober enough to drive home. Still, I was out 140 bucks.

I just answered this Featured Question #299 — What is your worst dating experience?, you can answer it too!



  1. that third story…that just sucked. sorry that it happened to you.

    Comment by jeannie_dot_com — Sunday, 8 June 2008 @ 2:24 PM (14:24)

  2. @jeannie_dot_com —  One good thing that did come out of that one was that I discovered the Long Island Iced Tea.

    Comment by mikewb1971 — Sunday, 8 June 2008 @ 10:10 PM (22:10)

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