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Monday, 26 May 2008

Frustrations [2008]

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OK, I’ll admit it, going back to school is fun. Still, the last few weeks have been a royal bitch.

In mid-April, I needed a new head gasket in my car. That set me back 770 bucks, throwing off my credit card payments. Immediately after the head gasket job was done, I noticed that I need to have my front brake pads changed out, as the old ones are down to bare metal and squealing. I tried to do it myself, but the caliper pins are on way too tight — I’ll probably need an impact wrench of some kind to loosen those. After that, the job will be easy.

Next, at work, my schedule was recently rearranged at almost the last minute. That’s not bad per se, but I was supposed to have Sunday, 25 May off, as well as Monday, 26 May. Lo and behold, I find out that I now have Monday, Wednesday and Friday off, and that I’m doing double-duty (CSM and LP) on Thursday night (1PM to closing). This sudden rearrangement was done to give the store’s resident backstabber and incompetent, unreliable asshole four days off in a row. This is the guy who goes around telling anyone that will listen (and half of those who won’t), “Mike’s worthless,” “Mike stands around doing nothing.” This is when he takes a break from saying “I can do any job in the store, including the store manager’s.” He’s got at least five no-call-no-shows on his record, and seems to think that he can write his own schedule, disappear for an hour or two every so often, that sort of thing. Why wouldn’t he think that — he gets away with it.

Let’s see him take on being CSS for a month. I’ll just stand back and watch — after all, he can do any job in the store, right?

In the mean time, every so often I get the impression that he wants to take a swing at me, as in assault and battery. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he did it from behind, and/or used some sort of tool or fixture part as a weapon.

Next, I didn’t have the cash to go to the Libertarian Party National Convention in Denver. Really wanted to go to this one, to see old friends, among other reasons. Anyway, maybe it’s good that I didn’t go, as the LP’s nominations for president and vice-president have me wondering if I’ll still be a member of the LP come this time next year. More on that later.

I wanted to see the Iron Maiden concert at the Journal Pavilion this year (Sunday, 25 May) — the two previous times they were scheduled to play in Albuquerque, they cancelled. ARGH. Yeah, I know — how would I go to the LP convention in Denver and still make the Maiden show in ABQ? Hey, I know it’s a long, long, long shot, but a guy can hope, right?

And with school — if I arrive before 7:30 AM, I have no problem finding a parking spot. If I get there after 7:45 AM, I have to drive around for ten minutes looking for a spot. One of my instructors seems to think that the students are incapable of reading on their own, as he reads verbatim from the course’s textbook.


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I’m really not sure if I want to continue in the LP — more later . . . .

Sunday, 18 May 2008

‘Tis the Season for Treason

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This is my SECOND response to L. Neil Smith’s article in The Libertarian Enterprise, titled “Time for a Purge?” It’s also a follow-up to my own article, “Candidates, Purges and Principles.”

After I finished “Candidates, Purges and Principles,” I copied and pasted it to an email message, then sent it off to L. Neil and to Ken Holder, editor of TLE, as a submission. Neil got back to me, and while composing my response to his response, I spent some time looking through Tom Knapp’s blog for supporting details. While there, I noticed this article about current Libertarian Party National Director Sean Haugh. It might be old news, dated 22 February 2008, but . . . .

It seems to me that the LP’s Treason Caucus is in full swing this election cycle. Think about it — we have Bob Barr giving thousands of dollars to Republican opponents of the LP’s candidates while he’s been sitting on the LNC, and not giving much of anything to the LP candidates themselves.

(It was in the comments section of this story that I first found about Barr’s providing cash to Republicans against Libertarian candidates while sitting on the LNC.)

And we have the LP’s national Political Director, Sean Haugh, said that he would support a Republican over the LP’s candidate, Susan Hogarth.

Is it time for some sort of a purge in the LP’s ranks? YES, it is. But there’s one problem.

The LP doesn’t have any specific mechanism that I know of to kick people out of the organization. Maybe this is a bad thing, but in the mean time, those of us who are of the radical or “purist” mindset simply have to let the members of the LP’s Treason Caucus know that this sort of behavior simply will not be tolerated.

Think about it — what if Barr or Haugh were hockey players, and said to their teammates, “Let’s shoot the puck into our own net!” How would the team react to this insanity? I think that they would probably offer Barr and / or Haugh an enema of hockey sticks, minus any sort of lubrication. And deservedly so.

Now we’ve had this sort of problem in the LPNM at times, once from Socorro in 2000, and again here in Albuquerque in 2006. Both times, the perpetrators of this stupidity got hammered for it, and haven’t repeated the offense.

What does it take to stop such idiocy? Simple — vigilance on the part of the membership, and a willingness to stand up (and speak up) for principle. That’s it—nothing more needed. Nothing less will suffice.


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Candidates, Purges and Principles

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Re: “Time for a Purge?”, by L. Neil Smith

Neil —

I just read your article “Time for a Purge?” and am somewhat amused at the latest from the Watergate Gang.

This press release from Cory really makes me wonder what the dues of the LPUS’s Sustaining Members are going for. I was under the impression that Cory was hired to run the day-to-day operations of the Libertarian Party’s Watergate office.

A question for Shane Cory — How does calling for MORE State action help to fufill the LP’s professed mission of SHRINKING the State?

My answer — It DOESN’T. So what business does the Executive Director of organization supposedly dedicated to shrinking the State have in calling for more State activity?

And I think that the War on Kiddie Porn will go the same route as the Wars on Drugs and Terror — as an excuse for Democrats and Republicans to expand the reach and expense of the State, regardless of what their constituents say, never mind common sense, the Constitution, the rule of law.

As for the presidential candidate, it wouldn’t be Christine Smith, would it?

[another link]

This comes as a disappointment to me, as I was operating under the assumption that Smith was one of the more principled candidates. My main fear about her was that she would burn out, being such a high-energy candidate.

But not to fear—another potential nominee has been dropping the ball. This would be former GOP congressman Bob Barr. It turns out that the Bob Barr Leadership Fund has been making campaign contributions to Republican candidates who were opposing Libertarian candidates, while the BBLF wasn’t making ANY donations to the Libertarian candidates. All of this while Bob Barr has been a sitting member of the LNC.

[another link]

We in the LPNM had a guy who did this kind of schtick. Back in 2005, he had announced that he was seeking the LPNM’s nomination for U.S. Senate. At the time, he was the Vice-Chair of the LPNM. Come March 2006, he says that “If nominated, I’ll use my campaign to stump for Jeff Bingaman.” Bingaman was (and still is) the Democrat incumbent. He didn’t show up at that year’s (rump) State Convention two weeks later in Rio Rancho. I wonder why?

Fast-forward about two months later, and he announces that he’s forming the “Independent Voters of New Mexico” with the Green Party’s perennial traitor, Abraham Gutmann. As one of the leaders of this outfit, he endorsed then-New Mexico Attorney General Patsy Madrid for U.S. Congress, 1st Congressional District, against Democrat-wannabe Heather Wilson. (I’m NO fan of Wilson, either.) Given that Madrid had used her powers of office as State Attorney General in an attempt to kill off the LPNM as an organization, what business does a sitting officer of the LPNM do having ANYTHING good to say about her?


As for purging the undesireable members from the Libertarian Party, I don’t know that the Party has any specific mechanism for doing that. Is that good or bad? I’ll leave that question for the readership to answer for themselves. It seems to me that those who think along the lines of Carl Milsted and Eric Dondero like to conduct their purges by playing games with the membership and credentials rules, so as to cut the radical and principled elements out of the loop[1].

I say this in sharp contrast to those of us from the radical side — when we are deemed to have purged someone of the Milsted/Dondero side from the LP’s ranks, it’s mostly that person who was “purged” simply heard, “You’re full of shit” one too many times from other LP members.


[1] The current State Chair of the LPNM, Jay Vandersloot, while a member of the “Reform” Caucus started by Milsted, has no problem with Bill Koehler and I being in the radical camp. In fact, when Jay hears complaints about Bill and I from others, Jay will back us up, asking the complaintant, “What have YOU done to advance the cause?”


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Monday, 5 May 2008

New LPNM Official Website

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Congratualtions to Mike Moss for putting up the new Official LPNM Website!


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