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Monday, 21 January 2008

My Previous Incarnations (on the Internet)

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“GunsSaveLives” — this was my handle for LPNM / cable-access TV usage on Zianet and Comcast — I had this one from mid-2003 til December 2007.

“mikeblessing2003” — I had this handle for a while on Yahoo!, then one day I tried to log in and found that the account had disappeared for no reason that I could determine.

“mikewb_tsg” on Yahoo! — Before KCUF Media, there was The Sedition Group — “TSG” for short.

“Starship Trooper” — my handle on a few message boards — the Mars Society’s, for example.

“rah4pres” — “Robert A. Heinlein for President” — this was my first handle when I signed up on Flashnet back in July, 1998.

I make no claims to the accuracy of the time frames I’ve presented above, or the order of the handles I’ve listed — the above was done strictly from what I could remember offhand.


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