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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Searching for Myself

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Every so often, I run a Google search on myself to see what comes up:

Google search for “Mike Blessing” — I place frequently in the top ten here (first place goes to a West Virginia realtor). Also listed along with me is the deputy city manager of Oceanside, California, a church chorus singer, and a Catholic priest in Ohio. I wonder what they think when they run Google searches on themselves and my stuff keeps popping up?

Google search for “mikewb1971” — OK, let’s narrow it down a bit — this search is just for my stuff. I get 1,350 hits — not bad. My Myspace site comes up first, and this Xanga site comes up fourth

Google search for “MikeinABQNM” — I used to use the handle “MikeinABQNM,” but I switched to “mikewb1971” because that’s more transportable — if I were to move away from Albuquerque, the older handle would no longer apply. Funny here that I’ve apparently got a profile or two here that I don’t remember creating.

Google search for “GunsSaveLives” — This is my handle on Victor Milan‘s message board, and was my handle on “Free Republic” until a few days ago, after I made a politically- incorrect comment about the Iraq Occupation (my account there has been suspended or deleted).


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