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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Booted from Free Republic

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Today I discovered that my latest account on Free Republic has either been banned (deleted) or suspended, with no warning or mention as to why from the Freeper moderators. I suspect that it was due to a posting I made saying that the Iraq invasion and subsequent occupation was/are based upon bullshit and blue sky instead of anything resembling rational thinking or principles, and that the Kim Dynasty of Communist North Korea was and is (by any standard I can think of) worse than Saddam was while he was in power in Iraq.

Here’s the URL –

Here’s what comes up (at least on my screen) –

    This account has been banned or suspended


At least they had the courtesy to provide a link back to me. heh-heh

And let’s not forget that the United States government, in particular the CIA, had a hand in putting Saddam in power in Iraq – the Powers-That-Be wanted someone in Iraq who could stand against the Islamic militants that took power in Iran after the Shah fell in 1979.

Yes, I realize that it’s a privately-owned forum, and the owners and moderators can do exactly as they please. Still, they claim to be better than the Democrats, yet they behave exactly as do the people who run Democratic Underground.

UPDATE: 2 April 2008 – At first, the Freeper admin pukes had the word “Okay” linked to my personal Xanga site, as I have it above. At present, it links back to this blog entry. Hmmm. Cute. Here’s a screenshot of the source code:

UPDATE: 17 November 2010Now when you click “Okay” on the FR page, it just goes back to the page you were previously on. Here’s a screenshot of the source code:


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