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Thursday, 13 December 2007

BS at work, 13 Dec 2007

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This is my THIRD holiday season in retail, and already the Christmas tunes are getting to me. That, and one of the people I’d taken to confiding in there turned into a snot-nosed bitch, after I told her that I’d give her a good reference when she applied for other jobs, recommended to the higher-ups that she be promoted, etc., etc. This last one happened just this week, and it was like flipping a switch — one minute she was OK, ten minutes later . . . Today, she was leaving, and said to another coworker, “I don’t give a damn about him” [me] within earshot of me.

My response? “That’s OK.” Wait til she needs something from me — if it isn’t something that I’m required by my job description to provide or do, it ain’t gonna happen.

I guess I should have seen it coming — after all, she’s been buddies for about 18 months with another bitch that was the same kind of bitchy towards me. The difference between the two is that with “beautiFUK,” there were never any pretensions that she and I would ever get along, and the mutual hatred has simmered for that 18 months.

Oh, well. The one that turned on me recently put in her resignation (last day was originally supposed to be 7 December 2007, but she pushed it back to 21 December after the store manager begged her to stay). Considering that this is 13 December, she’s off on 17 and 18 December, I’m off 19 December, that leaves only five days of this BS for me.

Hey, I’ve told her that I give as I get — she thought that it was funny as hell when I threw the BS from “beautiFUK” back in her face. But just like “beautiFUK,” this one seems to like dishing it out, but can’t really take it.


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