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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Some Gratitude, Please?

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Some Gratitude, Please?

by Mike Blessing []

A short while ago, I wrote an article titled “Wipe Your Own Ass, America” [ Myspace / Xanga ] which also ran in The Libertarian Enterprise. Maybe I haven’t been placing my articles in the right places (easily remedied!), but I haven’t received any hate mail over it.

Which is a shame, as I love hate mail.

The reason that I keep expecting hate mail over articles like this is that so many of the welfare state’s “clients” see the “charity” that they receive after it’s taken by coercion from America’s Productive Class not as charity, but as a right — something on the same level as speaking your mind, worshipping your deity of choice (or not worshipping a deity), or owning and carrying weapons.

Sorry, folks, but your addiction is just like any other, such as caffeine, nicotine or heroin — in the end, it’s a choice — no one forces you to sign up for the various programs so you can receive loot from my paycheck.

What I would like is a small measure of gratitude. I’m not asking for much — just a little “thank you” note on occasion. If that’s too much to ask (as would seem to be the case), I can make a proposal to make that gratitude mandatory in the form of a Constitutional amendment —

Any person receiving funds from public sources without providing any product
or service in return shall write a “thank you” note at least one time per year,
addressed to the taxpayers, as a condition of receiving those funds.

Of course, that amendment isn’t likely to pass, but like my proposal that recipients should be required to prove that they’re physically unable to wipe their own asses before receiving public funds (linked to above), just discussing the idea brings out the nature of the system and its advocates.

Still, there’s other ways to have fun with ideas like this — proposals like this make for good bumper sticker slogans.

Now, we’ve all seen the bumper stickers, posters and T-shirts with the “Thank a Vet” theme

I’m proposing a similar campaign here —



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